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Italian Restaurant Tenerife

If you are looking for a good Italian restaurant in Tenerife:

We recommend visiting Pizzeria Giulio Restaurant in Tacoronte. There you will find the best pizza in Tenerife in a friendly atmosphere with excellent service. This Italian restaurant in Tenerife also offers a full menu of Italian dishes in addition to the every type of pizza- Pizeria Giulio is known for it´s unique sauces that are made ​​with traditional Italian. At pizzeria giulio you will also find an extensive menu of meats, fish and fresh  homemade desserts ...

Visit Pizzeria Giulio in Tacoronte, Tenerife and treat yourself to a fantastic meal accompanied by great friendly service at will make you smile... and don´t forget to ask for Giulio and tell him you found him online.

Pizzeria Giulio, the best Italian Restaurant in Tenerife

Pizzeria Giulio:

Pollo Tropical:

Home Delievery Available Online:

Italian Restaurant Tenerife

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